The older generation and the x generation - how do we take care of both?

Posted By Tara Melech @ Aug 31st 2016 9:36am In: Real Estate News You Can Use

Buying real estate in not only my part of the country (Pawleys Island, SC) but I would imagine all from around the country are wondering some the same things I currently have issues with:

Aging parents while we are aging ourselves

We no longer live close enough to monitor daily health and lifestyle

Rising medical costs

Uncertainty of what is and what isn't covered with medical insurance, medicare, health insurance

Not enough resources locally where my parents live remotely

Availability of medical equipment

Effective communication with medical providers, healthcare providers, hospitals, doctors and nurses

Long Distance communication with family and local resources

Researching all aging related healthcare, medicare, hospital care, medical supplies, lifestyle issues, hospice care from a long distance

I am truly concerned with the above issues and the ability to be able to take care of my own family with young children, my husband, maintaining a career, dealing with the upcoming issues of my father's deterioirating health.  Not only is he a veteran, but lives across the country from me.  You see, I am in Pawleys Island SC and he lives just outside of Morton, WA.  If I could, I would live closer to him, but it is just not possible with the careers and children keeping us stable here. 
It is also very expensive to travel from one end of the country to the other.  How can we help each other and the country tackle these issues?  I'm sure I am not the only one that is dealing with these items.  I think we all have some ideas maybe we could share.  I am a Realtor in the local area of Pawleys Island, SC and many times I come across people moving here dealing with this as well.  I decided to jot down some of my ideas and hope that you will share your thoughts as well.  It is a rapidly changing age and there are older people who are going to need help soon.  Let's work together to create solutions for our parents and ourselves for the future:

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