The Process of Buying a Home in the Pawleys Island or Myrtle Beach Areas

What should your first steps be how do you know that you’re ready to buy a Pawleys Island or Myrtle Beach area home ?

For most people this answer will vary as everyone has different reasons for purchasing a home. Here are some of the basics to break it down for you.


Step 2: Find a Realtor®!

Step 3: Begin your search!

  • Start off by making a list of wants and needs including, size, location and features. Remember that wants and needs are very different from each other and in most cases you may need to compromise something in order to get the house that you need.
  • Set a realistic budget of what you can afford, this may vary from your pre-approval.
  • Do your research! Don’t just assume that the house you found is as pretty as the picture. This is going to take a bit of leg work on your part but you will be glad you did.
  • Compile a list of properties that you like and have your Realtor research them. Get all of the information up front to avoid surprises later.
  • Take it to the street! Grab your list of homes, your notepad and your camera and go see those houses!

Step 4: Make an offer! Once you have found your home you need to write up that offer! Your Realtor will sit down and go over the offer with to be sure that you understand and accept all of the terms. They will also do a market study to determine if the price listed is the fair market value of the home and they will negotiate on your behalf to be sure that you get the best price for that house. Remember that an offer is a legal document and should be taken seriously.

Step 5: Conduct a home inspection! This is a crucial part of the process that should NEVER be overlooked! If you need a list of qualified home inspectors your Realtor would be a good resource for you. Whether it’s a 20 year old home or new construction, you should ALWAYS have a home inspection. Be sure to do your wood destroying insect inspection as well. You as the buyer will pay for these inspections at the time of service but the peace of mind you get knowing that your new home is in good condition is well worth the investment!

Step 6: Close on your new home! Once you have jumped through all of the hoops involved in buying your home you will go to closing. This is at an attorney’s office. The attorney does not represent anyone in the transaction and simply covers the information in the closing documents making sure that you understand what you are signing. Once the papers are signed and filed with the court you will receive the keys to your castle!

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